01. During a time of war, there is generally a [shortage] of oil, so gasoline is usually rationed.
02. The city often puts restrictions on water use in the summertime in order to prevent [shortages].
03. There is often a water [shortage] in our town in the dry, hot months of July and August.
04. Food [shortages] in North Korea caused thousands of deaths a couple of years ago.
05. Police were unable to control the crowds, due to a [shortage] of officers.
06. There is a [shortage] of affordable rental housing in this town, and the government needs to do something about it.
07. The labor [shortage] has resulted in an increase in salaries.
08. There is a Japanese proverb which notes that great deeds come from times of [shortage].
09. The fact that unmarried women who bear children are now more likely to keep them has resulted in a [shortage] of adoptable babies.
10. Textbook [shortages] are so severe in some U.S. public schools that 71 percent of teachers say they have purchased reading materials for their students with their own money.
11. California has experienced numerous power [shortages] over the last couple of years.
12. Because of its chronic [shortage] of workers, Switzerland has encouraged migrant laborers to come to the country for the past century.
13. During the 1970s, OPEC raised the price of oil, causing severe [shortages] in the United States.
14. A few years ago, there was a [shortage] of small coins in Portugal, so people there used candies and stamps instead.
15. Senegal has a severe [shortage] of doctors, particularly in rural areas.
16. In February of 1917, an enormous demonstration was held in Petrograd, Russia to protest against food [shortages].
17. According to Kofi Annan, unless we take swift and decisive action, by 2025, two-thirds of the world's population may be living in countries that face serious water [shortages].
18. There is no [shortage] of things to do for entertainment in the city of London in the evening.
19. Germaine Greer once suggested that a society can survive with only one man but no society will survive a [shortage] of women.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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